Steel grates

Pressed/welded shelf and floor grates have multiple uses in various industries.
They are widely used especially in the chemicals, food, and automotive industries, power and heating plants, car park buildings, in the construction of ships, on oil platforms, etc.

Shelf and floor grates have high load capacity and resistance to deformation while maintaining low weight and thus also long service life. They are also easy to install and remove and have low requirements on the surface maintenance.

Shelf grates

Shelf grates represent a reliable solution for storage areas of any severity. The variability of application of various supporting and non-supporting profiles, mesh sizes, methods of anchoring, and surface treatments allows their utilization in operations of any nature.
In addition, shelf grates are suitable for both surface load and for point load.

Floor grates

Floor grates consist of longitudinal vertical supporting bars and transverse connecting bars. According to the way of attachment of the supporting and connecting bars, floor grates are classified in the following types:

  • Welded floor grates: the transverse connecting bars are welded to the longitudinal supporting bars
  • Pressed grates: the transverse connecting bars are pressed to the longitudinal supporting bars

Besides shelf and floor grates, we also offer pressed staircase steps, tailor-made products according to individual specifications of application and, naturally, all fasteners for all variants of floor and shelf grates made of galvanized steel.

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