Pressed Staircase Steps

Staircase steps consist of a grate according to DIN 24537, a tread edge reinforced with a special section with a nonslip finish, and fixing boards (side skirts) enabling the steps to be attached to the supporting structure by means of M12 screws.
The allowable force exerted in the centre by treading on an area of 100 x 100 mm is 1,500 N. Staircase steps constitute the basic construction element of steel staircases.
They are manufactured in basic dimensions or to order.
According to the requirements, we supply staircase steps fitted with serrated nonslip grates or in stainless steel.

Pressed staircase steps are manufactured with mesh sizes of 30 x 10, 30 x 30, and 20 x 20 mm.

The staircase steps are widely used for example as the basic construction elements of fire escape and emergency staircases, for staircases in industrial and power plant premises, but also for garden staircases with low assembly, disassembly, and maintenance requirements.